New Years Run


  • 10 MILE  TIME: 2 hr 21 min

  • CALORIES BURNED: 1200 Calories 

  • MILE  1: 22:37

  • MILE  2: 11:51

  • MILE  3: 11:21

  • MILE  4: 10:47 

  • MILE  5: 11:12

  • MILE  6: 10:48

  • MILE  7: 11:42

  • MILE  8: 10:39

  • MILE  9: 19:11

  • MILE  10: 20:35

  • ENERGY LEVEL: Exhausted

  • OVERALL PACE: 14:03min/mile pace




    Woke up on the day after New Year’s Eve to fulfill my promise of running ten miles. The night before had no regard for the feet I was about to undertake, the morning after. Jack on the rocks, is the drink of choice when I go out. The taste of whiskey hits and then travels smooth, easy and then sharp. The drinking the night before the run was not a tame event. There was shots, drinking, dining, and bar hopping the night before my ten-mile run. Was a night of drinking and dancing a wise choice no, but it was what I wanted to be done. I wanted to push my limits, unwisely and painfully endure this ten-mile run.


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