5 Mile Assessment



  • Mile Time:47:52
  • Calories Burned:?
  • 1 Mile Time:  8:16
  • 2 Mile Time: 9:17
  • 3 Mile Time: 10:29
  • 4 Mile Time: 8:40
  • 5 Mile Time: 11:10
  • Energy: Low energy
  • Overall Pace:9:33
  • Exact distance:?

Description: On the beginning of the cold burst of winter I decided to do my 5-mile assessment. This assessment was tough. I still need to push through and see if I can increase my 3-Mile speed. The next step is to focus on running for one hour without breaks. My miles have not been as dedicated as I hoped but my progress is still pushing through I may have to change my goal and set more challenging one for myself. So, I can make the TEN-mile goal on NewYears day. I would like to increase my overall pace to a steady 9min mile. I have to see how I do on my six and seven miles. Here is an account of that night. 

That night was a crisp cold winter night, I could not believe my decision to run on this night. This is by far the coldest night, in Hoboken, I have experienced yet. I decided to jog towards the meeting area. Earlier that week I scouted for a running group to increase my running frequency. I found the Hoboken harriers. I as ran towards the starting line I feel the chill. The crisp wind was blowing on my face, my nose slowly going numb because of the wind. Each step feels heavy, weighted, anchored to the ground as I push through each rotation of every step. My arms feel as if they are propelling the rest of my body to move, I keep swinging because if I stop, the finish line would be steps away instead of miles. As I move through Hoboken, at my brisk jogging pace, my muscles loosen up, my lungs inhale more oxygen, and my mind floats. Finally the wonderful tranquillity of repetition and routine signals to my brain it is time. Time to take a back seat and enjoy the ride through a crisp winter night, enjoy the lights and the people as you pass them by. Notice the look in their eyes, their astonishment seeps through and is revealed on their face. I see the expression and feel pride. I run, on this night. I run, at this time. I run, through this town. I run because I can. Running at this time, with this temperature, through this town is hard. The crowds of people can stutter your steps, the wind chill can shock your body, the cold air can paralyze your breathing, and the pavement can impact your feet, knees, and back. In spite of all of this, I run.  To think I still haven’t begun the journey of running 5 miles. The Mile run from 11 Clinton to 6 and Washinton was cold, crisp, chilly, heavy, and brisk, but the run to keep up with the Hoboken Harriers is story yet to come.



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