Slow Start 30 Min Assessment.


Today is the day I do my thirty-minute assessment. What is the thirty-minute assessment?  Well, this thirty-minute assessment has to measure 3 things, pace, speed, and energy. All within running for thirty minutes.

  1. Pace, I am trying to get my rhythm to where it is consistent. My breathing and running cadence to sync. The format which I plant my feet to be effective. Landing your feet wrong on the pavement can increase pain in the knees and SLOW DOWN RUNNING PACE.
  2. Speed, the plan is to slowly increase the speed as the run progresses. Using markers and a familiar route will help you accomplish this. As you run identify your markers for increasing speed during the run. Using a route that you have some experience with will help with increasing and sustaining the pace. depending on the app a runner can set a progress announcement during the run. These announcements happen either with time or distance. Choose the one that would suit you.
  3. Energy is key. The energy that I have at the end of the run is important. This will tell me I am over utilizing or underutilizing my skills as a runner. Did I use my energy effectively during the run, I want to be tired but not too tired, I  still have things to do. Do I feel like the run was easy like I could run for an increased thirty minutes? having too much energy or too little will tell how much I need to train or push myself with future runs.

Since I started this goal many things fell on my plate. Holiday party, football game, college work, photography assignment, national guard drilling, and driving all over Jersey were all things I forgot or didn’t plan. No progress with running. Initially, I planned on having an assessment day on Saturday or Sunday but that didn’t happen so today will do it. Second assessment thirty-minute run progress starts today. Results posted later thanks.


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